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+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++   Cub Scout Pack 386

Popcorn Trailer will     at the Delta Admin Parking Lot from 6 until 7 ( across from the fire house! )

You can pick up popcorn  ( at my house ) at most times

     with an advance telephone call to me    Al O-

 ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++     Next Meeting will be

     October 8th
  We will meet at the Delta Fire House # 1
Across the street from Horrock's. Park anywhere can . most of us will get there about 6:15 and leave about 8 pm. How long yous stay depends upon your own schedule.
There should be cider, bananas, cookies and games. . We should have a recruitment table there. - Invite your son's friends to attend. 
               Oct 8th agenda. 
Scouts will be enjoying themselves by learning about fire trucks, ambulance and other big equipment.
          Pack 386 is a
    " Hooked on Scouting" 
This means all new recruits to this pack will receive an new fishing pole and tackle  box.                    JOIN SOON
   Seven to be awarded on September 17 !!!
Last year  99%  of  the den  meetings were held at  Elmwood  School.  Den outings for special trips were the exception. Den leaders and parents make that call.
The Elmwood School Gym is a large facility
and can easily handle all our scouts. ( It is much larger than someone's house or church basement ).

   Scouts like to cook..

We have found out that most scouts really like two or three  ingredient recipes and like to make them.    Here is dessert recipe that  your  cub  scout  can  help  with:

          Strawberry shortcake
Place one or two Twinkies in the bottom of a          cereal bowl -- ladle thawed frozen                         strawberries on top.
yellow cake - "whip cream"- strawberries or other fruit
                 tasty- easy- and very  quick

   The Scout Shop is now on Marketplace Road.
      1 block past Lowe's. ( off west Saginaw )

        Thursday Meeting content
Our den leaders continue to say they need two meetings each month to work on scout book requirements.
But, for the other weeks, the parent meeting tries to come up with, educational- fun - things 
for their kids.

We have a general outline of things past. This helps us create things future.

Parents plan so scouts and their siblings can enjoy.

Reviews of scout treasury monies, membership, equipment status, special events, fundraising, insure checks and balances and insures our direction is attainable and on track.

      With our recent recruits  we have 31  cubs.  We have room for many new scouts.                  Come and try us out.
     Please join Pack 386.
   We meet  3 blocks north of the Lansing Mall.
Leaders are in place to work with your son.
All dens ( grades 1 - 5 ) meet in the Elmwood  School gym,.Each meet in a different corner, with their own leader. A family table is set up for moms and siblings who are not working with the boys that night. parents can watch all their kids at once and no one needs to be left at home.

Pack 386 is a family Pack
The whole family is welcome - all the time.
               Laugh Pack
-What ten letters of the alphabet does a pirate use?
iiiiiiiiii, rrrrrrrrrrr, the seven "c"s and x for the spot.
-What is the temperature of a Ton-Ton?
Luke warm.
-There was the scout who sent ten different puns to
his friends, with the hope at least one of the puns would make them laugh. No pun in ten did. 
-What did the ocean say to the beach?
Nothing - it just waved.
-What do you call an alligator in a vest?
An  in-vest-a gator.
-My friend's little sister drives everyone..
up a tree, up a wall, bonkers, crazy, batty
and she doesn't have a drivers license yet.
                 Did you know.......
Falling air pressure hurts birds ears. So if birds are flying close to the ground it is a 
sure sign that a storm is coming.
Never feed bread to a duck. They cannot digest it. It could kill them.
If you peel a banana from the bottom, you
won't have those stringy things.
Putting a small amount of 7-up in a flower vase will extend the flower's life.
Listening to music actually changes your perception of time - makes waiting seem
If you cannot read cursive, you cannot read our country's historical documents.

Upcoming Events

Fun at Every Turn


 Cub Scouting is bigger than a  school district. It is a state,  national and a  world district.
   Pack 386 serves the entire 
 Delta-Waverly area and more.
   Scout Leaders are moms and dads who have submitted an  F B I  check  to insure  they can be interfacing with 
                       the scouts.            
 We would like for every parent to be a  scout leader. Your schedule allowing !
    There is great satisfaction  working       with your son's friends and their                                parents.
                   Parent Meetings   
  A parent meeting is a "committee" of "parents" who  meet on the first Tuesday of each month and decide what we are to provide for the next four weeks. 
( Five weeks if there are five Thursdays in the month).
Each family is needed at these meetings.  It is important your son's voice is heard.          
Only those affiliated with our pack are invited. This means parents, guardians, grandparents, leaders; all those who come to our weekly meetings.

We meet in the Food Court of the Lansing Mall.

Before the meeting we can get a drink or a meal .
         Whatever your schedule will allow!

Several grandparents are active.and provide good  direction for our youth..

The leaders can also carry their den's wants and needs to this meeting. But parents help make a better discussion, and enable us to finish in one hour. The meeting is from 6:30 to 7:30.  We finish on time more times than not.

Scout office provides some general guidelines, but it is the parents who make this a good and                         strong program.  Usually only 6 or 7 parents show up. Yet this is the life blood in doing our program. We are away from all others - The mall directors will turn down the music if we say it is too loud.

Some must  bring their children.  The kids sit near us at separate tables.playing/doing school work.

Most of our meetings are on school nights!
It is imperative that meetings start on time and finish on time. 6:30 generally means 6:25 rather than 6:35
             All our scouts meet
            only one night a week 

            Thursday nights- 6:30 - 7:30
      is scout night for the Delta Township

      Same night   
                    Same time 
                                  Same location for all.

Several new scouts and parents signed     up so far      Welcome aboard.