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Next Cub Scout Meeting
  Halloween Party costumes & treats
October 30
Elmwood School Gym

    We will sell until popcorn is gone.
Please no new sales after this coming
                                             Thursday.  We  will  try  to  fill  our
                                             personal orders first . Thanks       Al

A couple of things to remember
  One:  Have as many of your son's friends join with him as you can. 
The more of his friends who are present -  the more fun scouts will have.
and, your son will earn his recruiter strip for his scout shirt

Second: The pack treasury will buy the scout books for each
We will need an accurate headcount first.  Books as well as dens are age coordinated.
 Third: New families need only $9.00 for each new scout          
  Then we will all be paid up through Dec 31st.
cost is $25 per year
Scout parents: Please bring in any outgrown scout shirt you may be willing
 to donate to a new incoming scout
We still have two youth large shirts - ask Al

  We have many students from different schools.
Remember, scouting is not school district sensitive. Our parents   adhere to a quote from "Field of Dreams"....
"If you build it they will come."
Parents just have to be willing to drive to our meeting place

Lots of fun stuff coming!  We continue to recruit 1st through 5th
     graders.  Many events are being planned.
Note: scouts registering with the pack before October 10  will receive a fishing rod & reel 
One more fishing pole will be at the meeting. We have given out 14 poles thus far.   Good going recruiters!

 Firehouse night photos have been added
                 See the Photo Album                 Thank you Mrs. Rendina          

Every night is question and answer night.  At the meeting close,
   circle up, is the time for everyone to hear the same answer and 
                 ask questions... Everyone has them! 

Pack 386 would like for each boy to have a scout shirt. That tends to make them feel  part  of  the  group. Regular  jeans  would  be great.  A scout shirt  would  make a great  Christmas gift.  After getting a shirt, we would like for them to wear it. Scouts act more like scouts!


November 4th is The Next Parent Meeting  6:30 - 7:30 pm

We will meet at the Lansing Mall food Court. We will get a couple of tables well away from others. The place is usually empty. Our five  to ten parents are left by our lonesomes!  This  is the business meeting of  the pack. The attending parents decide what to do for the next four weeks. The den leaders of Tigers and Wolves ( grades 1 and 2 ) can ask questions of the other leaders. The den leaders of bears and Webelos ( grades 3-4-5 ) who  just did those scout books in the last year or two.
This our First Tuesday meeting. Schedules have allowed that this is the best timeframe to meet. The meeting lasts one hour ( 6:30 to 7:30) and some parents bring their kids. The kids play on a separate table but very close to us. Food is available as well as soft drinks.
Everyone seems intimidated by these terms, as a result this is not well attended and therefore less new ideas surface.
Our program as in other student programs, is parent driven. A general outline comes to us thru the books but the fun stuff ---  WE   ( all of   us!)   MUST  DECIDE WHAT WE WANT TO DO.             Parents who were either boy or girl scouts know their leaders always had stuff for them to do. What they probably don't realize is that their parents did this too. We put  four weeks of content together in this one hour.          See our calendar for themes.
To Be A Scout Leader ( a parental safeguard )

All Scout leader applicants submit a form similar to the youth form, but for one additional page. Leaders must list their community associations, drug and criminal histories, and references. This page is submitted to the FBI and any unusual entries/hits & will be reviewed before an applicant is accepted into leadership. Also all scout functions must be attended by at least two registered/accepted leaders. Leaders and scouts must be in full view of all other attendees. Pack 386 wants all parents to be at all the events and meetings they possibly can, whether they are registered leaders or not.  Tigers ( 1st graders )  must  have  a parent of  guardian with them at all events.  This rule makes sense because most  Tigers are very timid, even of their classmates.   Comfort comes with time.  and a shirt helps

Fun Facts!

Did You Know...
  • The human brain has the capacity to store everything you have experienced.
  • Ice cream is Chinese food.
  • Smelling bananas and/or apples ( smelling not eating ) can help you lose weight.
  • Movie popcorn costs more per ounce than filet mignon.
  • A pizza company in Alaska delivers pizza for free by airplane. Pizzas cost $30 each, any time of the year.
  • If you are one in a million, there are 7,234 people just like you.

Upcoming Events

Fun at Every Turn


       Parent Meeting
       Tuesday Nov 4th
 Planning for the  Halloween
party  went  well.  Party  is
Oct. 30th. at the school gym.
Should have lots scouts and

  Recruit a friend - get a
  recruiter strip for your
  scout shirt.
In  the  past 99%  of  the
den  meetings were held
at  Elmwood  School.
Den outings for special
trips were the exception.
Den leaders and parents
make that call.
   Scouts like to cook..
We have found out that
most scouts really like
two or three  ingredient
recipes and like to make
them. Here is another
recipe that  your  cub 
scout  can  help  with:
   Brown 1 lb. ground beef
   Add 1/2 to 3/4 cup Ketchup
   Bring to a boil then
   simmer 10 -15 minute
.  Best with hamburg buns
   but hot dog buns are less
   sloppy. The key is to watch
   the ketchup separate into
   the natural oils and the
   spices come out.
   You will be amazed at the
   Definitely NOT KETCHUP!
  Let me know if you read this..
read the red
article to the
     The recruitment at 
Windemere Park Charter
Academy Friday night went
very well. We talked to many
families. Some may show 
up and join with us.