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Lansing, Michigan
Next Cub Scout
Thursday Meeting
will be in September

Sharp Park
Delta Rocks
noon to 6 pm June  27
free event - there is a shuttle bus - from the north end of the mall parking lot

June 27 -  Saturday - Sharp Park
              Delta Rocks
     Help recruit new scouts- the Pack will have a table there.
       We will also have a table at the Oct. fire week party at Delta
                               Firehouse One
 Parents are talking about summer Day Camps- join the  conversation. There are many choices for camps, as well as times. 
         Mrs. Seip is coordinating   our attendance
      Scout Books change this fall. We will purchase  all 
       books after we get a September head count.          ============================================== 
                         Sleepy Hollow Campout weekend
   July 10,11,12 ( Friday 6pm till about 11 am Sunday morning.)   Camping at Sleepy Hollow State Park youth area.. leaders/parents are working on a menu and an itinerary of activities. should end up with lots of fun stuff. AS we live in Michigan, our camping opportunities for our youngest are limited to summer
and perhaps once in late September. This should come in under $20 per person. the whole family is wanted. Tent needs need to be discussed as we have some extra tents-- maybe enough- that purchasing one is not necessary!

A couple of things to remember

  One:  Have as many of your son's friends join with him as you can. 
The more of his friends who are present -  the more fun scouts will have.
and, your son will earn his recruiter strip for his scout shirt

Second: The pack treasury will buy the scout books for each
We started registering next year's Tigers this week.
All our new scouts will receive a new fishing pole and tackle box.
We will try to incorporate fishing into the sleepy Hollow Weekend
Scout parents: Please bring in any outgrown scout shirt you may be willing
 to donate to a new incoming scout

  We have many students from different schools.
Remember, scouting is not school district sensitive. Our parents   adhere to a quote from "Field of Dreams"....
"If you build it they will come."
Parents just have to be willing to drive to our meeting place
Our farthest scout - comes in from east Lansing!

Lots of fun stuff coming!  We continue to recruit 1st through 5th
     graders.  Many events are being planned. We need more parents
to help plan and come up with new ideas.

    Dens will be combined for the Pinewood Derby races.
      We want the scout umbers to be close to the same.
                                     More to come!

Every night is question and answer night.  We close the meetings   with a Circle up........
   circle up, is the time for everyone to hear the same answer and 
                 ask questions... Everyone has them! 

Pack 386 would like for each boy to have a scout shirt. That tends to make them feel  part  of  the  group. Regular  jeans  would  be great.  A scout shirt  would  make a great  Christmas gift.  After getting a shirt, we would like for them to wear it. Scouts act more like scouts!
When the scout sign ( two straight fingers from a fist ) is raised
mouths go closed.  This is for respect for the speaker and to enable all to  hear what is being said.
The Next Parent Meeting  will be at the picnic on May 28

We will meet at Sharp Park. We will talk after we eat. The attending parents will decide what to do for the fall.. The den leaders of Tigers and Wolves ( grades 1 and 2 ) can ask questions of the other leaders. The den leaders of Bears and Webelos ( grades 3-4-5 ) who  just did the first scout books in the last year are always helpful.
This our last meeting. Schedules have allowed that this is the best timeframe to meet to get thru the summer The meeting will be  short.
Everyone seems intimidated by these and apprehensive about being active. As a result this is not well attended and therefore less new ideas surface.   Our program as in other student programs, is parent driven. A general outline comes to us thru the books but the fun stuff...  WE   ( all of   us!)   MUST  DECIDE WHAT WE WANT TO DO.             Parents who were either boy or girl scouts know their leaders always had stuff for them to do. What they probably don't realize is that their parents had to figure it out also. 
    You do not have to be a registered leader to share ideas..

To Be A Scout Leader ( a parental safeguard )

All Scout leader applicants submit a form similar to the youth form, but for one additional page. Leaders must list their community associations, drug and criminal histories, and references. This page is submitted to the FBI and any unusual entries/hits & will be reviewed before an applicant is accepted into leadership. Also all scout functions must be attended by at least two registered/accepted leaders. Leaders and scouts must be in full view of all other attendees. Pack 386 wants all parents to be at all the events and meetings they possibly can, whether they are registered leaders or not.  Tigers ( 1st graders )  must  have  a parent of  guardian with them at all events.  This rule makes sense because most  Tigers are very timid, even of their classmates.   Comfort comes with time.  and a shirt helps

Fun Facts!

Puns for the Educated Mind
  • The fattest knight at King Arthur's round table was Sir Cumference. He acquired his size by eating too much pi.
  •   I thought I saw an eye doctor on an Alaskan Island, but it turned out to be an optical Aleutian
  • A rubber band pistol was confiscated from an Algebra class, because it was a weapon of math disruption.
  • No matter how much you push an envelope, it'll still be stationery.
  • Two silk worms had a race. They ended up in a tie.
  • Time flies like an arrow. Fruit flies like a banana.
  •  Two hats were hanging on a hat rack in the hallway. One said you to the other "you stay here, I'll go on a head.".
  • I wondered why the baseball kept getting bigger. Then it hit me.
  • A backward poet writes inverse.
  • You can lead a human to knowledge but you cannot make him smart hummmmm!  this is like the horse and drink thing   hummmm! 

Upcoming Events

Fun at Every Turn


    Parent Meeting after
    the picnic may be in
       August 2015.
    Parents will decide!
 Thank you  for
attending the meetings.
In  the  past 99%  of  the
den  meetings were held
at  Elmwood  School.
Den outings for special
trips were the exception.
Den leaders and parents
make that call.
   Scouts like to cook..
We have found out that
most scouts really like
two or three  ingredient
recipes and like to make
them.    Here is dessert
recipe that  your  cub 
scout  can  help  with:
   Strawberry shortcake
  Place one or two Twinkies
in the bottom of a cereal
bowl -- ladle thawed frozen
strawberries on top.
  ( yellow cake - "whip cream"-
   strawberries or other fruit )
  tasty- easy- and very  quick)
read the red
article to the