Scout Shop Hours

September 11    6:30-7:30pm

We are starting to receive calls from families wishing to join our pack.  Our first ROUNDUP meeting will be September 11.  This meeting will be orientation for our new recruits and their families. All our regular pack members are also very welcome 
 We will have  build kits on hand for  an  activity.   Our first  scheduled meeting with the whole pack will be September  18.

A couple of things to remember
  One:  Have as many of your son's friends join with him as you can. 
The more of his friends who are present -  the more fun  scouts will have.
and, your son will earn his recruiter strip for his scout shirt

Second: The pack treasury will buy the scout books for each
We will need an accurate headcount first.  Books as well as dens are age coordinated.
 Third: New families need only $8.00 for each new scout          
  Then we will all be paid up through Dec 31st.
cost is $25 per year
Scout parents: Please bring in any outgrown scout shirt you may be willing
 to donate to a new incoming scout

Next up is the Lugnut Park sleepover on August 23rd. ( A Saturday night sleepover in the outfield )
Use the links at left to open the Water n' Woods Scouting link to order your tickets.

Then: The first week of September. Parents and leaders will be needed to recruit at Elmwood and Winans' open houses.  We hope to staff a table at each school.
WPCA will take place at their Octoberfest.
We will plan for a parent meeting for late August.
Dates for these events should settle down next week.  
E-mails forthcoming to all!

Lots of fun stuff coming!  We are recruiting 1st through 5th graders.  Fall is coming fast!  Many events are being planned.

Note: scouts registering with the pack before October 1st  will receive a fishing rod & reel

DNR Visit and Sleep Hollow Pictures added.  See the Photo Album

Lansing Lugnuts Logo
The annual Lansing Lugnuts game and campout is on Saturday, August 23rd.  We are not ordering as a pack, but can all camp together on the field.  This is a great event for siblings, moms, grandparents... the whole family!!!  Sign up at  

Recruits Needed

Attention Colt and Windemere Park Charter Academy students:  Kindergarten and First grade students are needed for the Tiger dens. An exciting year ahead is planned. We hope many new families can join us.  Registration is $25 for Jan - Dec (prorated).   Pack 386 has no weekly/monthly dues and reduced registration fees with popcorn sales!

To Be A Scout Leader ( a parental safeguard )

All Scout leader applicants submit a form similar to the youth form, but for one additional page. Leaders must list their community associations, drug and criminal histories, and references. This page is submitted to the FBI and any unusual entries/hits  will be reviewed before an applicant is accepted into leadership. Also all scout functions must be attended by at least two registered/accepted leaders. Leaders and scouts must be in full view of all other attendees. Pack 386 wants all parents to be in the events and meetings they possibly can, whether they are registered leaders or not.

Fun Facts!

Did You Know...
  • Holding a banana peel over a bruise for 10 to 30 minutes will remove the off color.
  • Drinking 16 ounces of water will increase your metabolism by up to 30%. 
  • Remove a splinter easily by applying a paste of baking soda and water-then waiting several minutes for the splinter to pop out of the skin.

Upcoming Events

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